Do you really know the difference between led lights and led plant lights?

Do you really know the difference between led lights and led plant lights?

LED Plant Lights VS LED

Ordinary LED lights can only be used for lighting or commercial lighting. LED Plant Lamp provides a reasonable light environment for plants, promotes the growth and development of plants, and has certain requirements on light quality and light intensity. Led plant fill light can bring benefits to greenhouse growers.

1. The plant lamp mainly provides the red and blue wavelengths of visible light that plants need for photosynthesis. Usually have a red light beads and blue light beads with a certain proportion of the composition. Both red and blue wavelengths of light are effective in plant photosynthesis. Red Light generally promotes growth, while blue light inhibits or controls growth. According to different plants and different growth periods can be a flexible configuration of different proportions of red and blue light.

2. Lighting is for people to illuminate, generally is white light, or warm tonal partial yellow, cold tonal partial blue light. This is a place for human activities, the environment to provide lighting. The human eye is the most accurate judge of the color of an object illuminated by white light (daylight). Therefore, the general lighting is mainly white light, and decorative lights may have other colors.

Led plant lights have strong roots, promote, regulate flowering and color, promote fruit ripening and coloring, improve the taste and quality of the role!

Only the fixed light wavelength range of plants can play a role in promoting growth, as well as LED light, the spectral of a single high efficiency, the effect is very good!

Can LEDs be used on plants?

White LEDs can also be used to supplement plant lighting, because white light contains also have less red and blue wavelengths of light, especially full spectrum white LEDs, which can illuminate plants. Can meet the needs of plant photosynthesis. But plants can only use the wavelengths of red and blue light in white light, which means white light with many other wavelengths is useless and doesn’t work. So under the same power, led plant light efficiency is much higher, plants can almost use its light. A white light is not.

FY LIGHTING Grow Lights without bad glare, no strobe, to eliminate the general plant lights caused by bad glare of Vertigo on the human body. Vegetable farmers can rest assured that the difference in light in the human eye is not particularly obvious, but the differences in the spectra can be seen clearly after the instruments have been tested.

A plant growth lamp is primarily a red and blue component of the visible spectrum, whereas a conventional lamp is just a light-emitting diode and the spectrum is concentrated in green light. So if the greenhouse garden is used, it is recommended to use led plant fill light, at the same time led plant light is also very energy-saving.

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