FY R & D center has an experienced R & D team, 12 LED engineers, five engineers in this industry has more than 10 years of experience and has experience working in a listed company.

They are the elite of the industry and a pioneer in research and development department is responsible for the new LED technology, LED research and development of new products and industrial production follow-up.

They boldly from home and abroad to learn advanced technology and create more updated scientific and technological achievements.

The engineering team consists of six people, including four core members, is responsible for LED lights customized services, sample new products, technology improvements and mold manufacturing. Structures Division has a full-time structural engineer responsible for the design and process optimization professional structure. Labor and division of labor, to form an organic whole team.

FY research and development center to provide a safe and stable lighting product, our LED tube through the German VDE certification, American UL, Canadian CSA certification, EU RoHS, CE, FCC certification, a number of products of international standards, and More than 30 national patents; and passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. The company also has a personalized service team, sales engineers, professional lighting design team of consultants team.