Welcome to FY LIGHTING custom page, as a 13-years of experience led lighting manufacturer, FY will share some information for led customize. Now, let’s start!

  • LOGO Customize
  • Function Customize
  • Special Customize
  • SKD Customize
  • DIALux Design

LOGO Customize

LOGO Customize also named brand customized, can increase visibility, customers will be printed on lamps and packaging, you can propose ideas, FY engineers will be the perfect solution to your needs.

customize logo on package
customize logo on led fixture

Function Customize

Function include timing, PIR sensor, emergency function, motion sensor, CCT, some products can also provide combined control with the APP remote control, you can visit our video page

Remind: The specific function please contact our professional sales, must be confirmed before the order, the default led lights without any functions

Special Customize

If you are bidding on a project or are not sure what features you need for the project, You just need to provide the acreage, what kind of functionality you want to achieve. FY lighting experts will give you some solutions for your reference.

SKD Customize

  • PCB
  • Circuit
  • Housing
  • Driver
  • … 

Any accessories customize you can order from here.

DIALux Photometric Design

The DIALux can be used to properly layout the LED lighting, professionally design, calculate and visualize the lighting. You can have accurately predicted the lighting results, such as illumination and uniformity. Obtaining photometric LED designs prior to carrying out a lighting project is very useful.