FY Industrial LED Lighting High Bay provides high output illumination for various commercial and industrial applications, like the factory, warehouse, exhibition hall, gymnasiums, retail box stores.

This Industrial High Bay LED Light cuts your electric bill in half with more illumination. Energy Savings of up to 65% of our product’s lifespan. Rated over 50,000 hours of use, that’s about 23 years at 6 hours/ day. Certified by UL bringing you reliable usage.

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High Lights - Industrial Light Fixture

  1. High lumen output, up to 160 lm/W
  2. AC 100-277V and AC200-480V available
  3. Power by 95W, 125W, 160W, 225W, 320W, 400W available
  4. Wire guard accessories optional
  5. 0-10V dimmable
  6. Smart Options – control the NSF high bay on the APP, remote control or touch panel
  7. Compatible with dimmers, sensors, and other control strategies, to achieve deeper energy-saving
  8. Emergency Type and Smart Type for Optional
  9. DLC, UL, CE, ROHS
  10. 5 years warranty

Specs - Industrial LED Lights

The normal power for industrial led high bay is 95W, 125W, 160W, 225W, 320W, 400W.
If you need to customize the power or other, you can click the below button to contact us.

Length2 ft2 ft4 ft4 ft4 ft
Lumen130 -140 lm/W
PC CoverClear, Milky
DriverUL driver, dimmable available
Input VoltageAC100 – 277V, AC200-480V 50Hz/60Hz
CCT3000K – 6500K
Warranty5 Years

Function and Optional

1. Bi-Level control
The PIR sensor for led high bay lights to achieve tri-level dimming control, for the same areas that require a light change notice before switch off.
If offers 3 levels of the light Control : 100%–dimming light (0, 10% ,30% ,50%)–off;and 2 periods of selectable waiting time: motion hold-time and stand-by time. Selectable daylight threshold and choice of detection area.

Bi-Level control-1

With suffcient natural light, the light does not switch on when presence detected

Bi-Level control-2

With insuffcient natural light, the sensor switches on the light automatically when person enters room

Bi-Level control-3

People left, light still dims to 0/10%/30%/50% (options) standby level after the hold time

Bi-Level control-4

Light switches off automatically after stand-by time elapsed

2. Photocell(Daylight sensor) Control
In condition by setting, press the photocell(Daylight sensor) on/off setpoint is open. When the light level exceeds this setting, the lights will turn off even when space is occupied. Once the light level exceeds this setting, the sensor will wait and monitor for 1 min in order to confirm the light level increase is not temporary before forcing the lights to go off. When the light level goes below the settings, the light will turn on even without motion detection after 1 min. This feature is disabled by default.

Photocell Control -1

If with insufficient natural light, the light automatically dims to 0, 10%, 30%, 50%

Photocell Control -2

With insufficient natural light, the sensor switches 100% on the light automatically when the person enters the room

Photocell Control -3

People left, the light dims to 0! 10%/30%/50% (options) standby level after the hold time

Photocell Control -4

The light still dims to 0/10%/30%/50% if still insufficient natural
light. the light never switches off until sufficient natural light

Photocell Control -5

If the natural light is sufficient, the light will switch off automatically even with presence detected

3. Wire Guard (optional)
The led high bay lights’ wire guard will protect your ceiling mounted led lights from vandalism and accidental damage

Wire guard for LED High Bay 600-402

4. Emergency Type (optional)
When power off the industrial led high bay fixtures, the light emergency wattage is 20W, last for 90 minutes.

5. Smart Type (optional)
Bluetooth Control, the mobile application enables adjustment time delay, dim level, sensitivity, daylight detection and more

Industrial led high bay with smart bluetooth

LED High Bay Lights Installation

Multiple Installations. Suspended cable and pendant mount are available.

  • Left: Suspended Cable
  • Right: Pendant Mount
Industrial led high bay lights' Installation

1. To avoid electric shock, maintenance and installation should only be carried out by a professional electrician
2. Before installation, turn off the power to make sure safety
2. If the product does not operate properly, check the wire’s connection after the power cut off.

Application on Led High Bay Lights 5000K

Suitable for multiple space use Industrial led high bay lights to meet your lighting needs in different spaces

Led High Bay Lights 5000K



As the name implies, LED high bay lighting is designed specifically to illuminate applications with high ceilings (usually 15-50 feet). The higher the ceiling, the more space is needed to light, so it’s important that these fixtures are powerful and capable of brightening very large areas.

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