The T8 led tube light has two types of drivers for option. The internal and external driver
Internal driver: Black
External driver: White and black
FY led tubes have single-sided led light tubes and a double-sided led tubes.
The default is single-sided tube lights; double-sided light is a special tube, mainly used for advertising light box lighting

  1. single-sided led tube
  •  internal driver
    Length: 2ft to 8ft
    Material: aluminum + PC
    There are three tube end caps for options: R17D, FA8, G13 ( G13 rotating & G13 rotating and lockable). For your normal use, please inform the lamp cap type before ordering
    Certificates: DLC, UL, CE, ROHS
    The suggestion is in the place which does not have the special request, the performance-to-price ratio will be higher.
  • external driver
    T8 led bulbs with external driver can customize some functions
    1. Dimming: 0-10V dimming, PMW dimming, Triac dimming. Contact FY sales to advise on options
    2. Emergency: After the power is turned off, you can still keep the light 3 Watt for 90 minutes
    3. one driver with 4pcs t8 led tubes

2. Double-sided led tube 

  • internal driver
    The specs are the same as single-sided led tube
    The length selected: 2ft to 8ft
    Material: aluminum + PC
    3 end cap options: R17D, FA8, G13 ( G13 rotating & G13 rotating and lockable). Please make sure the end cap type before ordering
    Certificate: UL, CE, ROHS
    Mainly used for advertising light box lighting

T8 Single-sided LED Tube

Model FY-T8-600EX FY-T8-900EX FY-T8-1200EX FY-T8-1500EX FY-T8-1800EX FY-T8-2400EX
Power 9W 16W 18W 22W 26W 36W
Size 2 ft 3 ft 4 ft 5 ft 6 ft 8 ft
Lumen Efficacy 100-120 lm/W , 150-160 lm/W
Input Voltage AC100-277V, AC277-347V
Beam Angle 120°
CCT 3000K – 6500K
CRI 80 Ra
Warranty 5 Years

Yes, t8 led tube lights with external driver can be dimmable, 3 dimmer optional. 0-10V dimmer, PMW dimmer, triac dimmer. 

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