LED tube lighting has 2 models, T5 AND T8 led tubes.
What is the difference between T5 AND T8? 

  • T5 led tubes are smaller than  T8 led tubes
  • The T8 tube will be less energy-efficient than the t5 tube in terms of energy saving
  • The t5 tube is stronger in brightness than the t8 tubes

FY led tube lights suitable for the commercial place, living room, garage, stairwells, basements, etc. 

Can I replace fluorescent tube with LED tubes?

Yes, you can replace it. If you are not able to replace the fluorescent fixture and just want to exchange the bulbs, you’ll use plug-and-play, direct wire, or hybrid LED tubes. Plug-and-play tubes are the simplest to put in as they are doing not require any rewiring to the fixture. As long because the bulb is compatible with the prevailing fluorescent ballast within the fixture, you merely remove the fluorescent and replace it with the LED tube light. Because the ballast remains operational, it’ll still draw power and may fail, causing the lights to not activate . These problems are eliminated with direct wire LED tubes. Bypassing the ballast requires rewiring the fixture with new sockets, but removes that failure point and therefore the energy consumption of the ballast. If you’re short on manpower, but don’t need new tubes as soon because the ballast fails, hybrid LED tubes are the perfect option. Install as plug-and-play first, running the bulbs off the compatible fluorescent ballast, then rewire the fixture and alter to non-shunted lampholders once the ballast goes out. Unlike plug-and-play tubes which will only be used with a working ballast, hybrid LED lamps are often utilized in either installation.

How to install led tube light fixture

LED tube light fixtures are easy to install, SINGLE-ENDED BALLAST BYPASS INSTALLATION
1. The tube that has the live and neutral pins on the same side of the lamp.
2. This end will be the “Input” end. Mark the power end with the AC Input sticker.