How to Choose LED Grow Light

How to Choose LED Grow Light

Our company (FY Lighting) has been engaged in the manufacture, development and production of LED Lighting since 2007, and began to engage in the LED plant lamp industry in 2009.

The following is a detailed introduction on how to choose a LED plant light that suits you best.

NO.1: LED output

A suitable power will affect the growth and development of the plant. For example, your plant needs 300W, but you only give 100w, or even lower power, it is enough. At this time, it seems to save power.

 But in fact, your plant will not develop enough light and will also grow poorly.

NO.2: LED Efficacy

In the case of the same power output, it is necessary to compare their efficiency. For example, in the same 200W case, one efficiency is 2.64umol / J, and the other power is 250w, but the efficiency is only 2.11. At this time, you find:

PPF = Efficacy * Power

250W PPF = 250*2.11=527.5umol/s

200w PPF= 200*2.64=528umol/s

NO.3: Spectrum

When the power and efficiency of LEDs are almost equal, the next step is to pay attention to their spectra. After all, different spectra have a very large impact on plant growth.

NO.4: LED lamp shape design

If the above three points are almost the same, next, look at the shape design of the product, because at the same power, if the size of a product is very large, it means a relatively large irradiation area, on the contrary, the same reason.

At this time, a relatively small size product, the overall PPFD value must be larger, but the corresponding irradiation area will be smaller. See if you need a large irradiation area, or need a high PPFD value.

NO. 5: LED Brand

Under the same circumstances, LED brands can also be used as the first choice element, but correspondingly, the price of first-line brands is definitely very high. At this time, it depends on whether you want to choose a highly cost-effective, or choose a big brand.

NO. 6: Heat radiation

The heat dissipation performance of LED lamps directly affects the long-term light efficiency retention rate of luminaire, PAR , PPFD, and service life.

At this time, a good LED plant light, the one with higher heat dissipation efficiency, is more conducive to the LED to play the quality it deserves. No matter how good the big brand lamp beads, it needs a high enough radiator to support it.

NO. 7: LED Power supply

A good LED power supply can support the longer service life of your LED lamp. It is a very important indicator that affects service life. At this time, the service life of the power supply directly determines the use time of your entire lamp, otherwise, when the LED lamp is broken You have to keep checking and analyzing to obtain the support of the manufacturer, but this not only wastes your time, but also wastes your after-sales maintenance costs.

NO. 8: Intelligent design

The intelligent design of the product is definitely a long-term direction of the LED plant growth lamp, but at present, due to the entire intelligent system, the cost and stability are not as mature as LED light source and power supply, so this depends on your application, whether intelligent control is really needed in the end, in fact, it is still related to cost in the end.

NO. 9: After-sales service

No manufacturer can guarantee that their products never have quality problems, only the defect rate and after-sales maintenance time and corresponding costs, so choose a long-term after-sales LED plant lamp is definitely better than a product with only 1-year warranty There is a guarantee. After all, if his product is so good, why can’t he guarantee that he can use it for 2 years or even 3 years?

There are so many others mentioned, and more is the consumer, what budget LED plant growth lamp do you want to choose?

According to the corresponding budget, choosing the right product is the best choice.