Can any LED light be used as a grow light

Can any LED light be used as a grow light

With the legalization of growing marijuana and the development of large indoor vegetable cultivation, more and more people enter the market of plant lights, and some companies use ordinary white light as plant lights, the actual effect is very weak. So can any LED light be used as a grow light? Obviously not.

For the white light plant lamp, not all white light is useful to the plant, high CRI white light can promote the plant to leaf green A and chlorophyll B absorption, in the plant seedling stage, can make the plant grow more robust and full. But there is a lot of low CRI plant lamp that points to on the market now, the effect to the plant is not big. Usually, CRI>80 and 90 is good for plant.

Meanwhile, the spectrum is very important for led grow light. Different wavelengths of light have different effects on plant photosynthesis. The wavelength ranges from 400 to 700nm. Red and blue light contribute the most to photosynthesis. Green is the color of plants The ratio of prime absorption is relatively low.

The proportion of the red blue lamp of plant lamp is in commonly 5:1~10:1 between advisable, can choose commonly 7~8:1 proportion. Of course, the best proportion of red and blue light can be adjusted conditionally according to the growth cycle of plants.

Red light promotes the growth of plant roots, helps to blossom and bear fruit and prolongs the flowering period. Blue light promotes the growth of green leaves, protein synthesis and fruit formation. Enhance the ability of plant to control insects and diseases, regulate the length of pedicel and flowering period, conducive to the production of cut flowers, increase the yield 5~10%, 5~15 days in advance of the market.R: B= 6:1; Fruit plant lamp R:B= 7:1.The product contains different proportion schemes, can use different ratios of lamp bead according to different plants.