How to grow cannabis with LED lights

How to grow cannabis with LED lights

With the growing legalization of cannabis, the study of cannabis cultivation has become more extensive, including the type of cannabis, the growth phase, the cultivation method and the appropriate growing environment. The development of related equipment, including cannabis-growing equipment and production equipment, is also continuing. Led Indoor cultivation as a new industry, although a late start, but rapid development. In terms of feasibility and quality, it is absolutely excellent, simple operation and high efficiency. It can be the greatest light of growth. However, due to their superior quality, LED growth lamps cost is also very high, which means they are not cheap.

To learn how to quickly grow marijuana seedlings using LED growth lights, let’s first look at what LED growth lights are. Led growth lamp is a kind of LED (light-emitting diode) that is used as illuminant and artificial light source to meet the lighting condition of plant photosynthesis. It belongs to the third GENERATION OF PLANT LIGHTING LAMPS! In the sunlight environment, the lamp acts as the sunlight, causes the plant to be able to grow normally or the development. The lamp helps cannabis promote strong roots and fruit ripeness, including the role of regulating flowering and improving quality!

Features of LED lights:

  • Rich wavelength types;
  • Completely accord with the spectral range of plant photosynthesis and Light Morphology;
  • The spectrum wave can be combined to obtain pure monochromatic light and composite spectrum;
  • It can concentrate the light balance at a specific wavelength and expose to crops;
  • It not only can regulate the flowering and hardness of crops, but also can control the nutritional composition of plants;
  • The system has less heat and takes up less space;
  • The utility model can be used for the cultivation of the three-dimensional combined system, realizing the low heat load and the miniaturization of the production space.

Next, take FY CSII LED GROW LIGHT as an example.

  • Full spectrum-we have conducted numerous experiments to ensure that this full spectrum design promotes plant growth. It includes universal blue infrared and white light, providing all of the plants’needs in natural sunlight. Expensive infra-red Ultraviolet Light Directs Plant Defense mechanisms, and blue and red leds are essential for plant growth.
  • VEG & Bloom: TWO SEPARATE SWITCHES: VEG for seedling growth and BLOOM for fruit and flowers. VEG / Bloom has more red / blue weight output, providing optimum performance from seedling to final flower.

Let’s talk about the rapid growth of this cannabis plant. Once a hemp seed Germinates, it requires a lot of heat and light to grow its leaves, stems, and roots. So at this point, we need to provide enough light time and light intensity. 18 hours of light and 6 hours of total darkness per day. Then turn on the FY CSII LED GROW LIGHT’s VEG switch, and the blue LIGHT ensures that the plants don’t GROW too high until they’re strong. At this time the seedlings do not need too high-intensity lighting. Depends on the circumstances of the seed. We can also regulate other factors such as water, air and nutrition. There is a relatively high demand for water and nutrition for cannabis at the seedling stage, so try to provide enough water and nutrition for cannabis, in addition to ensuring that the air is ventilated. Vulnerable cannabis seedlings are susceptible to diseases that affect their growth rate and effectiveness. Keeping the temperature in the tent between 19 and 25 degrees is the right temperature and 70 to 80 percent relative humidity. When plants are short of fertilizer, they can be poured into a nutrient solution or sprayed on the roots with liquid fertilizers such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

In short, the use of LED growth lights for marijuana is relatively expensive, but they are also better suited to growing marijuana. We also provide supplementary lighting programs for cannabis at different stages of cultivation.