All Led Grow Plant Light Knowledge You Need to Know

All Led Grow Plant Light Knowledge You Need to Know

Why we need led grow light

The five pillars essential for plant growth are temperature, water, nutrition, air, and light. As the saying goes, all things grow by the sun, met haze days, rainy days and other bad weather how to do? The plant growth lamp can help us replace the sunlight to the plant growth and development environment.

But plants, like people, need work and rest, so it’s important to control the time when using LED plant lights to supplement the light. It is generally recommended that plants keep their light between 12 hours and 16 hours, in order to give plants enough time to rest, in order to ensure that plants work efficiently every day.

The effect of light quality on the growth of plants is also very obvious, for example: flowering and fruiting plants need sufficient red light at the time of flowering and fruiting, if the red light is not enough, no matter how big the light intensity is, it can not achieve the ideal effect, affect the rate of flowering and fruit setting of plants.

If you can according to the needs of plants, plants with a variety of light proportionally match to the plant light, the effect will be completely different, not only to shorten the plant growth cycle, but also to improve plant yield and quality. This is also the reason for the emergence of plant lights, but also LED plant lights to replace the traditional reason for plant growth.

The effect of light quality on each period of plant growth is also very obvious, for example: When flowering and fruiting time and light quality are reasonable, it is necessary to control the light intensity with LED plant lamp, if the light intensity is not enough, the photosynthesis and respiration of plants are not even balanced, and it is impossible for plants to grow.

If the light intensity is too strong, more than the light saturation point, is a waste of electricity, and is not necessary, so the ideal state is to control the light intensity at the light saturation point, so that plants can grow healthily at the fastest speed.

When we need the grow lights

For Vegetative Stage

For Vegetative Stage

Help plants grow faster and better, optimize the investment return of commercial plant growing

For Flowering and Fruiting Stage

For Flowering and Fruiting Stage

A better absorption of lights, motr and bigger flowers and fruits, improve the output of plants

Before VS After Grow Light

 Before you order led grow light, you must be sure the following tips

  • LED output
  • LED efficacy
  • Spectrum
  • Heat radiation
  • LED power supply
  • After-sales services

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