1×4 led flat panel light to replace fluorescent lights with saving up to 80% in energy consumption. These 1×4 led panel lights come with a dimmable feature, 90 lumens per Watt and a temperature of 3000-5000K. The 1×4 led flat panel light is rated for 50,000 hours of use, 5 years warranty.

Other Sizes Option: 2×2 led flat panel, 2×4 led panel

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High Lights for commercial electric 1x4 led flat panel

  1. high efficiency driver and power supply.
  2. Power Factor: >0.95
  3. Diver output: DC42V 0.17A
  4. Input Power: Stays constant over life
  5. Diver Input: AC277-347 V 50/60Hz

Specs for 1x4 led light fixtures

The normal power for 1×4 led panel light is 18W to 54W.
If you need to customize the power or other, you can click the below button to contact us.

Installation the 1x4 led flat panel 3000K - 5000K

Multiple Installations of the led panel lights


2.Built-in:flush mount

3.Ceiling:surface mount

1. To avoid electric shock, maintenance and installation should only be carried out by a professional electrician
2. Before installation, turn off the power to make sure safety
2. If the product does not operate properly, check the wire’s connection after the power cut off.

1x4 LED Panel Application

These slim led flat panel light fixtures in flush mount, surface mount, and suspended, widely used in bedroom, kitchen, living room, office, etc.



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