What does IP65 mean in led lighting

IP65 – IP is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection
6 for the Dust-proof Grade; 6: completely prevent the dust to enter;
5 for Water Resistant Grade; 5: Rinses with water without any damage.

Knowledge of protection level: IPXX

Dust-proof grade (the first X indicates)
0: No Protection
1: Prevent large solid intrusions
2: Keep medium-sized solids out
3: Keep small solids out
4: Keep solids larger than 1 mm from entering
5: Prevent harmful dust build-up
6: Completely prevent dust from entering

Waterproof Grade (the second X indicates)
0: No Protection
1: Water drops drop to the shell without effect
2: When the Shell is tilted to 15 degrees, water droplets drop into the shell without effect
3: Water or rain from a 60-degree angle to the Shell has no effect
4: The liquid is splashed into the casing from any direction without harm
5: Rinse with water and do no harm
6: Can be used in the cabin environment
7: Water Resistance (1m) within a short time
8: Soak under pressure for a long time

Can IP65 be used outdoors?

The IP65 can be used outdoors, but it is recommended to use IP67 or above if the location requires standing water.

What IP65 LED lights can you supply?