Tennis Court Lighting – Buyer Guide

Tennis Court Lighting – Buyer Guide

Tennis court in addition to professional venues and hardware facilities, lighting professional also determines the tennis court’s professionalism. A good tennis court lighting is as invisible as the air. Unprofessional tennis court lighting will become like a haze, strong sense of presence and uncomfortable. Therefore, the comfort of lighting and professional for professional places is particularly important. This article provides you guide to choosing led lighting for your tennis court.

1.What are the lights for the tennis court

The tennis courts are rectangular in shape, with a length of 23.78 m (78ft) and a width of 10.97 m (36ft), as specified by the International Tennis Federation.

Tennis court can be divided into outdoor and indoor, and there is a variety of court surface. No matter what kind of court is inseparable from a necessary factor: tennis court lighting.

Lighting arrangement of indoor LED tennis court

The tennis ball usually moves at high speed in the short distance, needs to judge the ball movement direction in a very short time, therefore the tennis ball needs high visual effect.

Indoor tennis courts can generally be equipped with tennis court lights at suitable locations on both sides of the court. Lighting can also be installed directly on the indoor ceiling. If ceiling lighting is used, the light is shone on the ceiling and then transmitted through the ceiling to achieve the lighting effect.

According to the CIE42 illumination indoor tennis court is 300lx in entertainment mode, 500lx in training mode and 750lx in match mode.

One of the reasons for the difference between indoor and outdoor lighting requirements is the limited brightness contrast between the playing field and the surrounding environment.

Lighting Arrangement of outdoor LED tennis court

Outdoor tennis court lighting we will take into account heat dissipation, waterproof, anti-impact and other functions
The outdoor tennis court lighting system should be set up according to the following requirements:

1) The side of the site shall be provided with the Lamp Post
2) Two or three pole positions on each side along the long axis. Now the official competition venue, there are also four-pole layout on each side of the program
3) a tennis court for General Entertainment with a light pole installed at least 8m high
4) use a single tennis court for official matches with lamp posts installed at least 12m high
5) if the auditorium is located along one or both sides of the venue, the lighting poles should be located behind the auditorium to avoid interference to the audience.

In the design of outdoor tennis court lighting, special attention to the club and personal entertainment on the different lighting requirements. The club must hold the high tennis competition, not only requests the field to have the good illumination, but also requests the field over certain altitude space to have sufficient brightness. Therefore, the club (official competition) single outdoor tennis court pole height to ensure that the bottom of the lamp installation distance to the minimum of 12M (two side-by-side venues for 15m, three side-by-side venues for 18m)

2. How to choose led tennis court lights

When purchasing LED lights, we always want to be able to find reliable LED manufacturers, in discussing the details of the project to get some professional solutions to ensure that the best lighting requirements. FY offers a full custom LED service, here’s a look at some of the main issues when buying tennis lights.

a.Lighting Requirements (not enough LED brightness)

Illuminance: The luminous flux per unit area of the illuminated object, in Lux.
Reference to illuminance standards for indoor tennis courts
Amateur Competition (training) : 150 lux-300 Lux,
General Competition: 300 LUX-500 LUX,
Official competition: 500 Lux – 750 lux – or Higher (1500 Lux).
Auditorium: 80 lux – 300 Lux

Because we can see the standards are very different, if not confirmed in the purchase before the installation led to brightness is not enough, will be users return goods, loss of money and reputation.

b. Lighting uniformity

Uniformity of illuminance is the ratio of the minimum illuminance to the average illuminance on a specified surface. The more uniform the light distribution, the better the illumination, the more comfortable the visual feeling, and the closer the illumination uniformity to 1 is better.

Depending on the type of venue, we have different standards. For example, the uniformity required for world class stadiums is 0.7, for general outdoor or indoor areas is 0.4 to 0.5, and for airport tarmac is 0.3.

Our engineers will provide you with a comprehensive lighting report so that we can present it to your customers to increase your chances of winning the contract.

c. Glare

Glare, which can cause the brightness in the field of vision to exceed the range that the eye can adapt to, causing visual impairment or emotional disturbance, anxiety

Our products feature LED lights with anti-glare optics. This is because it minimizes the glare when people look directly at the light. This is especially important for sport lighting, where glare can be uncomfortable for athletes and spectators. Although this is not a requirement in most lighting projects, it can affect end-user compliance

d. Life of Radiators and LED lights

High temperatures tend to cause the led chips in the led fixtures to produce heat that can not be dissipated, thus reducing the indicated output and life.

Despite the high power of our leds, we have patented radiator designs for floodlights. So, we can keep the light temperature low. Lighting fixtures are durable

e. Led Driver

The quality of the driver can not be ignored for lamps and lanterns, high quality driver can provide stable current for lamps, our LED lamps use MeanWell driver, which is one of the most reliable mainstream brands with very low failure rate. The use of poor quality drivers can cause flicker and shorten the lamp life

f. Special requirements for products

For example, waterproof, impact-proof, corrosion-resistant, which is particularly important for outdoor lighting, because lighting can be affected by heavy rain, blizzard weather, if the LED without protection and waterproof function, it is easy to damage the lamp.

Depending on your needs, our leds are IP66 waterproof and are made of aluminum alloy and can be used in adverse climates

3. How to order led lighting for tennis courts

When completing a project, we often take into account operating and maintenance costs, and usually we want the lights to last more than 17 years because our LED lights have a lifetime of 50,000 hours (if we use them for 8 hours a day) . If the tennis court provides 50,000 W lights and turns them on for 8 hours a day, the running cost of the tennis court floodlight = 50,000 W X 8X $0.121000 = $4.8 a day, $144 a month. By replacing our current metal-halide lamp, we can save $6.72 per day and $201.6 per month!

(The above examples are for reference only, we have different power under different conditions)

When communicating with the LED manufacturer to confirm the product and negotiate the price, the more you order, the greater the discount the supplier will usually get. And the more bargaining power you have in establishing long-term relationships with suppliers. Since the quality of the product is directly proportional to the price, if you want to maximize your profit, don’t choose a supplier that looks cheap, such as $350 for $1000W. They can say their product is 1000W, 170lmw, but it’s only 500W, 130lmw. And very cheap LED lights are made of inferior chips, power supplies, short life, so do not let the price to control your decision, it is best to find a reliable supplier, don’t do only one-time business

So how do you find a reliable supplier of led lights?

As a professional LED supplier it may satisfy the following points
  1. Operating Time: Long enough in the field of LED, the longer the company is operating in the industry that he drill deeper, to meet the needs of customization. That’s why we prefer to work with companies that have been in business for 10 years, not 1. It’s not that one year is bad, it’s just that the company has been stronger for 10 years on a large scale
  2. Factories: factories have an advantage over trading companies in terms of price, because there is no middleman to make the difference. Usually we can go to the supplier’s factory to check the manufacturing process. A reliable company should have a large factory and warehouse. Because they need spacious areas for production lines and storage. Just under the influence of the new coronavirus in 2020, it is very difficult to go out of the country, we can ask the butted salesman to shoot the production line online. By visiting the LED factory, we will know whether the manufacturer is trustworthy, and whether the lighting is solid. It takes time, but it’s worth it, because once you find a trusted partner, we can avoid many of the problems that come with ordering LED lights
  3. Long Warranty period: good product suppliers will have a longer warranty period, because suppliers will guarantee the life of the lamp before shipment, it is recommended that suppliers need to provide a five-year warranty period
  4. The sales attitude of business: The good sale attitude of business people will make you more enjoy the fun of purchasing, “problems can bring people together emotionally. ” We can understand from the way things are handled if this is the kind of long-term partnership we want or not
  5. CERTIFICATE: Certificate to a certain extent can guarantee the quality of products. LED fixtures certificates have DLC, UL, TUV, CE, rohs… The most important of these is the DLC (Design Lights Consort), a North American government subsidy for lighting products that are registered on the DLC website

As 13 years of experience led lights manufacturer in China, FY Lighting supplied these tips for suggestion, you can feel free to email [email protected] if have any questions or uncertainties about buying or importing LED lights from China. We provide free lighting consulting services.