Simple Guidance For You In Soccer Field Lights

Simple Guidance For You In Soccer Field Lights

What are the lights for the soccer field?

1:Flood light. A spotlight used on a football field, also called flood light. A luminaire whose illuminance on the illuminated surface is higher than that of the surrounding environment. In general, it can be aimed in any direction and has a structure unaffected by climatic conditions. The utility model is mainly used for a large area working field, a building outline, a stadium, an overpass, a monument, a park and a flower bed.

Almost all large areas of outdoor lighting can be considered luminaires. Bright Color, good monochrome, soft light, low power, long life, light up to 50,000 hours. Moreover, its compact led body, easy to hide or install, not easy to damage, no heat radiation, is conducive to protecting exposed objects. It’s a wide application.

2:Shoebox. There is also a kind of shoebox lamp, also known as street lamp. The design of internal and external strong earthquake-resistant structure can effectively solve the problems such as light bulb falling off, light bulb life-shortening and bracket breaking caused by strong vibration. Protection Level IP65, IK10.

Football field is relatively large, so the football field lighting requires lighting fixture to light efficient, long range, ordinary lighting is difficult to illuminate the center of the football field. Soccer Field special light effect can reach 110 to 140 LM/W, long range, to illuminate the middle part of the soccer field, more than enough. In addition, there are many advantages, such as FY LIGHTING soccer field special lights “no stroboscopic effect” , will not cause eye fatigue, protect eye health, compared with the general energy-saving lights, energy saving up to 50% , compared with the traditional metal halide lamp, it can save more than 70% energy and has high heat dissipation performance: The main radiator is made of 6063 aluminum, and the structure adopts air convection design, which ensures the heat dissipation effect, the safety performance is extremely high, and the service life can reach more than 50,000 hours, led Lamps and lanterns comprehensive cost is low, save electricity more save money.

How to choose soccer field lights?

1: The football field illumination also has the very high request to the light source color rendering index and the color temperature, the color rendering index Ra must achieve above 80, the color temperature must be about 5500K. FY Lighting Soccer Field special light color index above 80, color temperature can be customized.

2:The Glare Index Gr for soccer field lighting must be less than 50. Once the Glare Hazard exists in the light fixture of the football field, it will produce the glare hazard in many positions and different angles of the football field. The footballer sees only a curtain of intense light and does not see the ball flying. In the visual perception system, produce dazzling uncomfortable visual effects. Light to produce visual fatigue, restlessness, and anxiety. FY Lighting Soccer Field Special Lamps and the lights soft, for soccer field LIGHTING scheme setting, brought very big convenience.