Pole Barn Lighting Strategies For Beginners

Pole Barn Lighting Strategies For Beginners

A pole barn is typically constructed of vertical, decay-resistant timbers, installed at roughly 8 to 10-foot centers, around the perimeter of the structure. These are topped by a horizontal timber that supports light lumber roof support trusses. The side walls use dimensional lumber to support corrugated steel panels, and a similar detail spans roof trusses to keep out the weather. Less on-site labor than stick-built or unit masonry construction.

For pole barn lighting indoor, it suits for high bay lights, tri-proof lights, led low bay, etc.
pole barn outdoor lights, FY recommend the led wall pack, flood light, shoebox, different requests in different lights.

How to wire a pole barn for lighting

Many people use pole barns as garages because they’re relatively simple and cheap to create and offer valuable storage or work space. If you would like to feature lighting to your new pole barn garage so you’ll use it in the dark, the method is fairly straightforward. Just you must have some background in wiring.

The pole barn lights have different installation ways, you need to choose one that is best for you. such as suspended, pendant mount, hook, mounting bracket, etc.

Here is shown the suspended mounting.

Step 1: Fix the steel rope on the wall with expansion screws
Step 2: Hang the light with hook
Step 3: Connect with power wire

How much lighting for pole barn

As I mentioned above, the barn can be used for many different types of led lighting, depending on what is the barn used, tri-proof lights if it’s damp or Linear High Bay fixtures if it’s high.

When we chose led fixtures, we need to measure the number of lights. and this just need tells your led lighting supplier, who used a professional tool to figure it out. If you don’t have a vendor to work with, you can always ask us – FY LIGHTING, and we’ll figure it out for you for free and provide you with a led lighting solution.

After counting the number of lights, ask the supplier to give you a quote.

How many pole barn lights do I need

As pole barn lighting layout, it needs you to provide the length, width, height, and LUX for your barn needed to your led lights manufacturer, then they can calculator this project.

If you don’t know how to do, contact FY LIGHTING, we can suggest pole barn lighting ideas for you.

How to get pole barn led lights sample?

I think you would like to get a or serval led lights for the pole barn as samples, that is correct, we need to test and choose what you want.  


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