With the development and popularization of sports and competition events, more and more people participate in and watch the Games, and the requirements for the lighting of the stadium become higher and higher, stadium lighting must ensure that athletes and coaches can see all the activities and scenes that take place on the playing field, so that they can achieve their desired performance, spectators must also keep up with the athletes and the competition in pleasant and comfortable conditions.

The following three factors should be considered in the lighting design of a football pitch:

(1) To ensure the brightness, to meet the visual requirements of the players and referees in football matches, should not glare, affect the players in the match and the accuracy of the referees;
(2) To meet the visual requirements of the audience, and the lighting should not interfere with or affect the competition,
(3) To meet the lighting requirements of color TV broadcast, it should have high color rendering, no stroboscopic, and as far as possible to improve the lighting effect, so as to make the broadcast quality better;
(4) To take full account of the lighting equipment in the installation process and late maintenance of the convenience and safety issues;
(5) Should fully consider the energy-saving problem, should choose the efficient energy-saving LED stadium special lamp

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