FY large greenhouse led grow lights with IP65 waterproof rating, 2 channel dimmable control, can be widely used in plant factories, pharmacology, plant physiological research and so on.

High Lights - Greenhouse Grow Lights LED

1. Fanless design, no noise
2. IP65 Rating for grow lights
3. 2 channel dimmable control
4. 100-277V wide input voltage
5. Meanwell driver supply available
6. Resistant to vibration design

Specs - Greenhouse Grow Lights Information

The normal power for the greenhouse light fixture is 576W.
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ModelFY-GL-Rainbow II- 576W
IP RatingIP65
Dimension39.6″ x 27.2″ x 4.5″
L 1005 * W 690 * H 115 mm
LED Quantity3 W * 192 pcs
Rated Power576 W
Draw Power400 W
PPF920 μmol/s
Efficacy2.3 μmol/J
CertificatesCE, RoHS

PAR - LED Green Lights


Spectrum - Indoor Greenhouse Lights



Dimension of 960W led plant light


LED UFO High Bay - Installation

1. To avoid electric shock, maintenance and installation should only be carried out by a professional electrician
2. Before installation, turn off the power to make sure safety
2. If the product does not operate properly, check the wire’s connection after the power cut off.


Suitable for multiple space use led plant lights to meet your lighting needs in different spaces

  • Home hobbyist
  • Agricultural universities
  • Educational programs in local school districts
  • Plant physiological research
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmacology
  • Greenhouses
  • Plant factories


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