How to choose LED T8 Tube

How to choose LED T8 Tube

LED T8 tubes are made of PC and aluminum, which means that they will not shatter. High-temperature resistance up to 135 degrees

T8 LED tube is a type of LED lamp used to replace traditional fluorescent tubes, the tube diameter is about 26mm. All FY T8 tubes have obtained DLC, UL, CE, ROHS certificates, so you can purchase with confidence

FY T8 tubes are divided into the following types

  1. Normal type: single and double-sided led light tube
  2. T8 tube with external driver
  3. T8 tube with internal driver


Most of the double-sided tube lights are used for advertising lightboxes

T8 tube light with External driver

  • Has dimmable and emergency function for optional
  • Dimmable function: 0-10V dimming, PMW dimming, Triac dimming, the brightness of the tube can be adjusted according to your needs
  • Emergency function: After the power is turned off, the light source can also be maintained for 15 minutes (less of customer requires this function)
    External T8 tube light also can use one driver run multi lamps. The popular model is one driver run 4 tubes

T8 tube light with Internal driver

  • Normal T8 tube with internal driver
  • T8 tube with internal driver need to work with Ballast

All kinds of T8 have different end caps for optional

The t8 tube can be customized
Such as CCT, power, size, voltage, logo, package, etc.
Contact us to get more information about it.

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