FY full spectrum led grow lights with 12 bands for VEG to bloom, perfectly ideal for all kinds of indoor gardening plants, flower planting, greenhouse cultivation, water-soluble culture, potted plants, vegetable growth, etc.

High Lights

  1. High efficacy up to 2.3 μmol/J.
  2. IP54 dustproof.
  3. Top-bin CREE or Citizen COB LEDs.
  4. 100-277 V wide input voltage.
  5. Light uniformity distribution.
  6. 3 Channels to dimmable control of VEG, bloom, and COB separately.
  7. Full spectrum 12 bands for VEG to bloom, full growing stages. 


The normal power for led plant light is 292W, 684W, 976W.
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    • 292W is rated power, the draw power is 200W
    • 684W is rated power, the draw power is 500W
    • 976W is rated power, the draw power is 700W


FY-GL-CS II Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights - PPFD




Warm Tips

1. IR&UV is too dim to see by eyes, but it is very helpful for plants.
2. This device is not suitable for the children to use.
3. Kindly remind you to protect the device from splashing or immersing liquid
4. For the safety of your eyes, please do not look directly at the led. If you have to use it for a long time, please wear the goggle, which is specially designed for LED gardening to prevent eye injury.


< Multifunction Double Switch Design

The mode of VEG and Bloom can be used at once. VEG mode can be used during the growth period, it mainly emits blue light to promote the growth of plants while the Bloom mode emits red light to promote flowering and fruiting of plants.


  • VEG model promotes plant germination and contains 430-660nm
  • BLOOM model promotes plant flowering fruiting and contains 430-740nm
  • We recommend that both switches be tuned on in flowering and fruiting stage for the plant

< Full Spectrum Design

Simulating the natural light environment can better conform to the natural growth law of living things. this LED grows light contains every kind of light that plants need. And it provides plants Veg and Flower all stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight.


Size of 200W Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights

Size of 600W Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights

Size of 700W Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights


LED UFO High Bay - Installation

1. To avoid electric shock, maintenance and installation should only be carried out by a professional electrician
2. Before installation, turn off the power to make sure safety
2. If the product does not operate properly, check the wire’s connection after the power cut off.


Suitable for multiple space use led plant lights to meet your lighting needs in different spaces

  • Home hobbyist
  • Agricultural universities
  • Educational programs in local school districts
  • Plant physiological research
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmacology
  • Greenhouses
  • Plant factories


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